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THE FLOOR SHOW immerses you into a passionate display of live music and dance vignettes emerging from every corner of the space, taking you through a world of genres performed by some of the best musicians and dancers the world has to offer!
Inspired by THE FLOOR Improv Night, THE FLOOR SHOW turns our monthly jam session into a one-of-a-kind live show experience!

Every cast of “THE FLOOR SHOW” is what we proudly like to call “the real deal!” Their life-long dedication and passion for their craft becomes completely tangible and it’s what we absolutely love sharing with our audiences!

The Producers & The Setting - Sascha Escandon and Carolina Cerisola as The Floor Productions, are the Creators and Directors of “THE FLOOR SHOW” and proudly Co-Produce with Mario Melendez and Carlos Rodgarman.

Mario has been a major proponent of Los Angeles’ arts culture and has provided the perfectly unique and dynamic setting for “THE FLOOR SHOW” in his venue, King King, located in the center of Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd.

Carlos Rodgarman joins our 6th run as a welcomed Co-Producer, adding to his existing credits as Musical Director and Composer of “THE FLOOR SHOW” since 2010.

The Musicians - Our beloved musical director, Carlos Rodgarman (Juan Gabriel, La India, Christopher Young) has composed all original music for “THE FLOOR SHOW” and leads our 8-piece all-star band whose combined resumes include Stevie Wonder, American Idol, Christina Aguilera, George Lopez Tonight Show, Jordin Sparks, Andy Garcia’s CineSon All-Stars and more!

The Dancers - Our dancers are world travelers whose genres range from Tap to Cabaret, Poppin’ to Ballet, Capoeira to Samba and many more in between! Their talents have been featured in a large variety of movies, commercials, music videos and t.v. shows like “Dancing with the Stars” the “Academy Awards” as well as performances live on stage with the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Pink and Broadway’s “Fela!” just to name a few.

Our overall mission with “THE FLOOR SHOW” is to provide a respectful and creative platform where artists can pour their hearts out and leave our audiences with a visceral experience. Just from our own lives as performers and working with other incredible artists, we understand how much impact this simple luxury can provide. We know it’s something that can be appreciated and brought to fruition world-wide.

That’s why we’ve designed “THE FLOOR SHOW” to be modular. So no matter what city we are in, every production is different based upon the performers that are participating. Including local artists with visiting guest artists, will give each city a different flavor, different vibe – making for an always evolving, ever-interesting event! The varieties of genres can change from production to production, but the constants are the quality and passion each performer brings to “THE FLOOR SHOW.”

With the best talent, a great venue in one of the greatest cities in the world, our passion, heart and soul, and of course the support of our friends, family and you, we are extremely excited and ready to bring you, “THE FLOOR SHOW!”

The Cast

Carolina Cerisola – Co-Creator & Director Contact More Info
Sascha Escandon – Co-Creator & Director Contact More Info
Mario Melendez Contact More Info
Carlos Rodgarman Contact More Info
Musical Director & Composer: 
Carlos Rodgarman Contact More Info
Lighting Design:
Justin Huen Contact
Saverio Principini Contact More Info
The Club Bullies Contact More Info
Lyndsay Haldorson Contact More Info
Quetzal Guerrero Contact More Info
Band & Cast:
Carlos Rodgarman – Keyboards Contact More Info
Andy Abad – Guitar Contact More Info
Pablo Correa – Drums Contact
Luis Eric Gonzales – Trumpet Contact
Donald Hayes – Sax Contact More Info
Wendell Kelly – Trombone Contact
Jesse Stern – Bass Contact More Info
Ronnie Gutierrez – Percussion  
Stephanie Amaro – Singer Contact More Info
Kenneth Bank – Singer Contact More Info
Paul Barris – Dancer Contact
Guerin Barry – Singer  
Nelly Cortez – Singer Contact
Molly D’Amour – Dancer Contact More Info
Carlos De Antonis – Singer Contact More Info
Jan Detanna – Singer Contact More Info
Charlie DiComo – Singer Contact More Info
Bill Frischman – Singer Contact More Info
Liinda Garisto – Dancer Contact
Paul Gonzalez – Drummer
Suemy Gonzalez – Singer Contact
Kavion “KG” Griffith – MC Contact More Info
Quetzal Guerrero – Singer & Musician Contact More Info
Philipos Haile – Performer Contact
Lyndsay Haldorson – Singer Contact
Alfred Kendrick – Performer Contact More Info
Ayesha Orange – Dancer Contact
Paris Paul – MC Contact More Info
“Frantick” Ricardo Rodriguez – Dancer Contact More Info
Morena Santos – Dancer Contact More Info
Jillian Schmitz – Dancer  
Eric Shah – Dancer Contact
Danny Soto – Dancer Contact More Info